expressions of you...

“I just love my scarf!

I wear it all the time!!”

- Kim D.

“I received a beautiful gift of customized jewelry from expressions of you.

The necklace, bracelets, and earrings were customized by Monica and have that unique touch of my style and personality.  They are simply beautiful and I get a lot of compliments when I'm wearing them.

I love them!”

- Ivette O.

“I saw some of Monica’s jewelry designs and asked her to design a piece for my mother’s 80th birthday using the birthstones of four great-grandchildren -- opal, emerald and topaz, a tough combination.  I absolutely knew I would love it and was not disappointed.  Best of all, my mother was so taken with the finished product, she was speechless!  My mother truly enjoyed the gift and all the thought and creativity. Thank you, Monica.”

- Cheryl W.

“My wife loved the necklace and earrings!

I’m a very happy husband as she loved the unique collection of shapes.

Thanks again for your help!!”

- David R.

“I wore your earrings on vacation

and to work yesterday,

I love them!”

- Judy N.

“Nothing like a beautiful scarf to lighten your day.

You have the best colors!”

- Vicki B.

“The gifts I bought for my wife and daughters were a big hit!

Thanks for your assistance.”

- Joe B.

“A friend gave me a pair of your sparkly handwarmers as a gift.  I've never received so many compliments from here to Maine as I have since wearing them!"

- Jane S.

“Thanks for providing

beautiful gifts!"  

- Amy M.